Amex Introduces Conferma Virtual Cards to Enhance BTA Offering, BTN

American Express has upgraded its Business Travel Account product via a partnership with Conferma that allows American Express to centralize hotel, low-cost air carrier, full-service carrier and rail bookings into one statement. Amex is calling the updated offering enhanced BTA and it is available in Australia, the U.K. and the U.S., with plans to add new markets.

Amex already offers its own virtual card product, vPayment, which a client can use to pay for hotel and LCC bookings. This option, however, results in a billing statement separate from the client's  BTA statement that includes full-service air and rail transactions, Conferma commercial manager Nick Reid explained. Sometimes central account-type products are challenging to use with LCCs because of card verification value (CVV) codes, he added, but with Conferma any LCC that can accept a regular corporate card can accept Amex’s enhanced BTA.“Enhanced BTA amalgamates virtual card capability with BTA, meaning Amex clients can use [the] single product across multiple travel types. Over time, virtual cards will start to be used for other service types too, like scheduled air,” Reid said, implying that the enhanced BTA could be a bridge product.

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