Sabre/Conferma Integration Fully Automates Virtual Card Purchases of Air Tickets

Sabre has eliminated all manual processes of using virtual cards to pay for air bookings, via a full integration with Conferma that went live the week of Nov. 14. Now, Sabre vice president for payments Neil Fyfe predicts, virtual cards will become the dominant method of paying for business travel air tickets.

Of the virtual payments made through Sabre today, hotel bookings account for more than 95 percent, Fyfe said. Using a Conferma virtual card number for hotel bookings has been wholly automated in Sabre since Sabre introduced Virtual Payments for Hotel Settlement in 2011, both for agency and online booking tool reservations. Air bookings work differently because a card number is required to complete ticketing via the mid-office. As a result, bookers have had to create a virtual number via a Conferma Web tool, then copy and paste it into the Sabre reservation.

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