Sabre Pacific announce launch of Virtual Payments solution in New Zealand

Travel technology leader Sabre Pacific has launched a new Virtual Payment capability in preparation for a future free of plastic card transactions.

From today Sabre Pacific travel agents adopting the innovative app can sell hotels using "virtual card numbers" (VCNs), gaining a wealth of benefits in terms of productivity, security and control.

Powered by specialist VCN technology partner Conferma, the new Sabre Virtual Payment App makes each transaction unique, reducing the risk of fraud. The technolgy also aligns with clients' policies on corporate governance: dynamic credit limits, charge validity dates and merchant category restrictions are automatically applied.

"Virtual Payment makes the whole process of managing hotel invoices touchless, with the transactions captured instantly through Sabre Red Workspace. No time-consuming chargebacks or manual reconciliation," said Nigel Taylor, Sabre Pacific NZ country manager. "And there is no need to change banking partners, Sabre connected customers, or their clients just need an account with WEX or eNett to provide the virtual cards."

How the Sabre Virtual Payments App works

  • When agents book a hotel in Sabre, the Virtual Payment app generates a virtual card and loads it into the booking
  • An automated hotel voucher is sent as soon as a room is booked
  • The app then settles the virtual credit card payment with a unique VCN, used just once and only by the merchant it was issued to
  • Expenditure policies are enforced as agents can set the credit limits per transaction
  • Full details are tracked and reported online
  • The virtual payment is automatically matched, without the need for credit card authorisations or direct bill applications

"Virtual Payment will make a material difference to New Zealand's travel trade," said Simon Barker, CEO of Conferma. "Our proven success in the payment and settlement space combined with Sabre Pacific's dominant market presence mean we can deliver all the benefits, not just to the wider travel agent community but also the hotel sector which will now receive immediate and secure payment on guest departure."

Taylor added, "launching in Australia first, this latest Sabre Red App is another example of our commitment to travel's evolution in this region. We are thrilled to be working with Conferma - and look forward to breaking new ground with virtual payments."