Simon Barker, Conferma CEO, The Faxless Phenom, BTN's 2016 25 Most Influential

Travel managers have lauded single-use virtual cards for reducing fraud, easing reconciliation and eliminating the need to issue corporate cards to temporary employees or non-employee travelers. When hotels misplace confirmation faxes or when suppliers don't know how to process the new solution and travelers are left without lodging, travel buyers curse the virtual card. "You're at the front of payment technology, but then you throw in the word fax and you go back to the 1970s," Barker said.

In April Conferma enabled hotels to connect directly to Conferma's Hotel Booker distribution platform through an API. Conferma's system now can send virtual cards to hotels, eliminating the need for companies or travel management companies to fax hotels authorizations for each traveler. Conferma has connected directly to 1,300 Premier Inn, Travelodge and City Express Properties and about 70 other platforms like global distribution systems, expense tools and booking tools.

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