Simon Barker Shares Ideas on How to Think Outside The Box, CEO Blog Nation

Want to be a think tank in your business? Well, it’s not always natural or easy to be creative and think outside the box as a business owner due to fear of risk-taking, desire for perfection and clinging on to old ways of doing things. So how do you ignite your creative self and foster that in your team? It’s not necessarily hard and can achieved.

Ceoblognation asked entrepreneurs and business owners how they think outside the box and here is Simon`s response:

“This is what we’ve always done” – We hear this phrase all the time. It’s a creative killer and perhaps the most damaging to a business. Embracing change ensures we think outside the box and is essential in keeping up with consumer behaviour. I’ve found a way of doing business that works for us, our formula if you like, but one thing remains guaranteed and that’s change. It happens every day in our industry, technology constantly changes, customer preferences change and hence we change with it. As a business, we regularly hold a ‘Think Tank’ in which we discuss new ideas and new ways of thinking to ensure we stay responsive. Disrupting the conventional thought process and breaking through complacency as a means to think differently has enabled our business to bring to market pioneering products and services, which in some cases have been industry firsts.

In 2016, Conferma Pay launched an encrypted e-mail service called Conferma Connect, which is PCI compliant. According to Barker, 60 percent of Conferma's virtual card confirmations are now communicated by secure e-mail, and in the U.K., that number is higher, at 85 percent; it's unclear whether he's referring to Conferma's book of business or the market as a whole. However, many independent hotels have not converted to Conferma Connect, and even e-mail messages can go astray at front desks.