Our Partners

We partner with some of the world’s best banks, issuers and travel suppliers to deliver exceptional business solutions that utilise the latest Conferma Pay technology. Our pioneering approach to the virtual payment world demonstrates why we are the ideal partner. We’re committed to staying at the leading edge of the market to enable our clients to remain leaders in theirs. Conferma Pay’s virtual payment solutions can empower businesses of any size across all types of industries.

Unbridled global banking partner network

Conferma Pay's vast payment ecosystem includes all major card schemes and over 30 issuing banks. In 2017 we issued virtual cards in more than 40 currencies across 197 countries. With such a wide choice of global and local banking partners, our partners can enjoy the flexibility to work with their corporate clients to deliver tailor made virtual payment solutions. This also brings debit, prefunded and credit based virtual cards within the agency work space without any changes to the normal booking flow. 

Worldwide reach and integration into all major travel booking systems

Conferma Pay's travel ecosystem includes all global distribution platforms, a large number of travel companies and technology providers globally. This brings a wide choice of partner companies to work with and great flexibility for large corporations and their specific needs. Flexible connectivity is fundamental to our vision. Conferma Pay powered virtual cards ensure continuity of payment and reconciliation services regardless of booking methods used. Corporate clients can enjoy using their preferred booking tools with no change to existing workflows, whilst gaining the advantage of enforcing travel policies and controlling travel spend.