Conferma Pay for Banks and Card Issuers

Connecting the global digital world

Today is a new digital era, recognised by many banks, global issuers and businesses. The time for plastic corporate cards is behind us as more money is now being spent on virtual card payment solutions*

This hassle-free and cost-effective way for your bank to start issuing virtual cards is already being adopted worldwide. Conferma Pay now power virtual payment solutions for over 30 global banks with coverage continually growing.

The challenge is no longer about educating the consumer. Corporate clients are looking for a technology solution to trim expenses and save resource costs. A demand you can deliver with Conferma Pay, whilst also benefitting from further insights into you customers’ businesses.

*Packaged Facts

Increase Revenues. Decrease Fraud.

Virtual cards are rapidly taking market share from plastic corporate cards and have a higher average transaction value. 

Issued for a single transaction only, virtual cards are fraud-proof with a capped or specified spend, creating heightened security and tighter controls

Strengthen your corporate client relationships by using Conferma Pay. 

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Giving you access to an unrivalled network and linking your bank to multiple travel suppliers around the world, you can integrate with Conferma Pay efficiently, add to your revenue streams and provide a value-add for your corporate clients. 

Virtual cards aren’t subject to the EU’s Interchange Fee Regulation cap. Our virtual cards are fully tokenized and we are also fully PCI-compliant and ISO 27001-certified.

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