Enhance security

Reap the benefits of enhanced security

Get equipped with payment that is virtually impossible to misuse or hack

A thing or two about fraud Individual cards carry a greater risk of fraud. When individuals have liability for the card (meaning it becomes linked to their own personal credit rating), this can create a bigger problem that may link back to an employer’s duty of care to protect employees.

Corporate cards typically come with a much higher credit limit than personal cards and even one instance of fraudulent activity can be significant for the organisation and the individual.

Although lodge cards are typically less prone to fraud, the same card number is used by a large group of individuals and with a very high credit limit, again the risk is significant.

How to minimise the risk 

 Virtual cards have control parameters. The card limit, merchant type and ‘life’ of the card can all be controlled by the corporate. These controls ensure that the likelihood of fraud and the impact of any fraudulent activity is significantly reduced.

Virtual cards can’t be lost or misplaced by a traveller and cannot be used by multiple employees.