Conferma Pay. The cashless solution for business purchases.

Conferma Pay is the app that enables any employee to pay for business expense on a mobile phone. Giving businesses the control they need and freeing employees from using their own cash or cards.

Why use Conferma Pay?

Paying virtually either by tapping your phone or buying something with a click on your desktop is something we do naturally, we no longer need to carry a card. Cashless payments have become the norm in our consumer lives. 

However, in the world of business it's still different. Companies may only issue you a corporate card or you may have to use a personal card or cash and have to submit expense claims, waiting to be reimbursed. There is a better way to pay for business.

The Conferma Pay app is the first app to support creating and receiving of virtual cards for business on a mobile device across multiple banking partners.

Find out how to get Conferma Pay for your business.

Ideal for anyone without a corporate card

Conferma Pay lets employees, contractors or interviewees and anyone in the business who doesn’t typically have access to a corporate card, use single use payment cards for any approved corporate expense.

Create or send payment

Conferma Pay works by generating secure virtual payment cards on a mobile device for a single online purchase. 

Payments can be triggered both ways — it can let authorised employees create cards directly on their phones or let finance manages send predefined cards for a specific amount, supplier and duration indirectly from the Conferma Pay Control desktop admin interface.

All spend in one place

In any case richer data is added to each purchase during the creation of the card for maximum transaction information capture.

This is great for corporations of all size as all spend data flows back to a single, centralised account with powerful centralised data. 

As an employee, you are no longer out of pocket or having to submit expense claims.

The widest choice of banks and card types

The Conferma Pay app is the first app to support creating and receiving of virtual cards for business on a mobile device across 35 issuing banks globally, offering debit, credit or prefunded accounts.

Pay for any business purchase online

Corporations typically find Conferma Pay works best to pay for ecommerce, including office stationary, settling visa fees, booking parking, paying for the train, ground transfers, conference fees, adding a bag during a flight check-in, ordering some food online if you’re working late, etc. If you can pay for it online with a card, Conferma Pay can be used instead.

Conferma Pay

Transforming the way business purchases are made today.

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