Turnkey, flexible systems integration

Our Payment API (PAPI) is a turnkey solution allowing you to integrate Conferma Virtual Card Numbers (VCNs) into third party payment processes. Its flexibility ensures that we can tailor the PAPI to fit around the requirements dictated by your payment processes, rather than you having to fit in around ours. Consequently, it delivers all the benefits associated with Conferma such as better data, better control and better process efficiency, without any disruption to your standard working processes.

Because the Conferma Network comprises a multitude of global partners, a single integration with us gives you access to a deep integration with several Global Distribution Systems and other online booking channels, rather than requiring multiple integrations into multiple booking platforms. A single integration with Conferma also provides banking transactions with exposure to a hive of travel management and booking activity. Capable of integrating into any point of sale or accounts payable process, our swift and low-cost integration provides a cost-effective route to market.

We actively encourage our partners to use the PAPI in customised payment processes to meet the requirements of their clients. Our VCNs are available either on demand directly via a real time XML feed or in a batch process. We then return merged booking and transaction data to you either directly via our reconciliation tool SNAP, or as an automated hand-off file to your proprietary spend management system.

How does it work?

Integration to our fully-documented PAPI is simple and typically involves a two week development timeframe from our team with secure access to our testing environment, offering you a swift route to market.

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