Control and accountability for all your corporate expense

WebPay™ is our online portal used to access Conferma virtual card numbers (VCNs) for online B2B spend and can be used for any online purchase that requires a 16-digit payment number.

When you reach the payment stage on a supplier’s website, simply log in to WebPay™ to request a 16-digit VCN. WebPay™ then generates the 16-digit VCN in less than a second for you to enter into the supplier’s payment screen. You can even specify the maximum spend amount and the payment validity dates on the VCN.

In addition to the controls applicable to Conferma VCNs, WebPay™ features a robust approval process that requires authorisation from a line manager if you wish to make a purchase above your spend threshold. This further enforces compliance with spend policies but also provides clear accountability for approval of expenditure.

WebPay™ also allows you to enter an unlimited amount of custom data specific to each purchase. All custom data entered is automatically matched to the transaction data captured on the VCN to provide a comprehensive view of corporate expenditure for your company, allowing you to make better informed decisions about supplier management and spend patterns. This data is either available via Conferma’s reconciliation tool SNAP or as a hand-off file to your proprietary spend management system.

In the corporate travel arena, WebPay™ can be used for the payment and reconciliation of hotel, air, car hire and rail bookings. Users can enter a Sabre, Amadeus or Galileo PNR and WebPay™ will automatically retrieve the details for that booking and match them to the VCN used in WebPay to settle the booking.


  • Faster, smoother B2B supplier payments
  • Enforce compliance with spend policies and eliminate maverick spend
  • 100% reconciliation accuracy
  • Savings of up to 55% in process efficiencies
  • PCI-DSS level 1 compliance
  • Automatic PNR retrieval functionality
  • Choice of multiple payment providers

WebPay™ Video 

WebPay™ PNR Retrieval Video