Take control of spend like never before

Apply spend controls per booking and enjoy compliance happen on its own

Everyone`s “favourite” policy

For the corporation, policy controls are essential, but they can be viewed as an inhibitor to a traveller, who just wants to be trusted to do the right thing.

The challenge of overlaying a great user experience with policy parameters is challenging and can lead to a clunky experience for the end user.

How to take control

The generation of a virtual card provides an additional level of trip approval before the trip takes place (are you absolutely sure that you want Caroline to travel to Amsterdam and spend EUR 500?), it limits the T&E spend on trip based on the individual card limit (as opposed to an individual corporate card with company liability with a £30,000 spend limit) and as the transactions take place and the traveller uploads the receipts, immediate reconciliation takes place. All transactions are matched to the correct individual and the correct trip (and cost centre, department etc) and the employee is not waiting months for reimbursement.

Consider that 29% of employees admitted that the time taken to get expenses paid back caused them stress.

Virtual payments speak to traveller efficiency and overall wellbeing.