Conferma Pay for Corporate Travel

At the forefront of travel payments

Conferma Pay is an international leading virtual payment provider in the travel industry. Our technology services more than 400 travel management companies (TMCs) around the globe, integrated with all the major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) and utilised by over 70 online booking tools (OBTs).

The virtual cards we power are accepted anywhere a plastic card is accepted — and in any currency. To date, Conferma Pay payments have been accepted by travel merchants in 197 countries.

Transforming the way you work

Conferma Pay is the only virtual cards technology partner that is truly bank agnostic. This gives corporate travel agencies the flexibility to deliver a virtual payment solution that works for their clients. Save yourself time with our automated service without the necessity of pre-paid accounts or changes to your current booking workflow. 

Conferma Pay’s virtual payment solutions cover any travel or indeed any business transaction to deliver:

— Heightened security
— Faster payments
— Bespoke data
— Happy customers
— Seamless processes
— Expert partners

Conferma Pay’s virtual payment solutions put you in control and for online travel agencies, Conferma Pay’s virtual cards are the perfect way to improve your cash flow.

1. Traveller pays you.
2. You issue a virtual card as guaranteed payment.
3. You mitigate risk by having security of payment whilst the virtual card is activated.

We are Level 1 PCI-compliant and ISO 27001-accredited.

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