Virtual payment benefits

How payment fits in your business travel strategy

As a buyer of business travel, there are a multitude of programme strategy areas to contend with, from building an effective air programme to ensuring duty of care is fulfilled, building out a hotel programme to then ensuring it is communicated to your travellers.

Prioritisation is essential in order to keep both your bosses and travellers happy. Some areas of strategy seem to span the entire programme (and also multiple company departments) being easily be overlooked. This is often the case with payment.

Balanced somewhere between Finance and Procurement (or wherever your programme reports to), it has such wide-reaching impacts that to tackle it may feel like completely uncharted territory! But to ignore it is to miss a huge opportunity. Payment is a game changer for business travel today. 

Payment as strategy

As a buyer, managing stakeholders is a key part of the role. No travel department is an island (although it sometimes feels like one!) and decisions you make have an impact on others. Being able to talk to the benefits of virtual payment to travellers is one thing (and the front-end benefits are really compelling!) but convincing decision makers and CFOs requires a different approach. Payment is an important strategy area that affects just about every area of travel.

How do you pay for air and rail?

How are meals reimbursed?

What drives high quality data?

How do you identify pain points for travellers?

Payment sits at the centre of corporate travel.

Let’s explore how virtual payment creates opportunities that run through the entire travel programme.

a. Non-employee? No corporate card? No worries.
Book travel for non-employees, employees without corporate card and contractors

b. Introduce a zero-admin world
Free your travellers from the expense report, remove manual reconciliation

c.  See the true trip cost
Capture big data, look at the big picture, unlock strategic insights

d.  Take control of spend like never before
Apply spend controls per booking and enjoy compliance happen on its own

e.  Reap the benefits of enhanced security
Get equipped with payment that is virtually impossible to misuse or hack