The Basics

New to Virtual Cards and Conferma? Here are the basics

Virtual Cards are used to make online business transactions. They work to the same principle as a normal plastic card, but without the need for that physical card to exist. Below is a brief introduction to Virtual Cards and how they are used in business:

How do Virtual Cards work?

Virtual Cards are simple to use, implement and control. This short introductory film takes you through how to use a Virtual Card for an online purchase. It's just over a minute long and could change how your company works. 

What are Virtual Cards work?

Virtual Cards are changing the world of corporate payment. Conferma is the preferred Fintech partner for the delivery of Virtual Cards to a growing number of global banks and card issuers. This short film will give you an introduction to what Virtual Cards are all about and how they can benefit your corporate customers. It's a 2.5 minute watch.

WEB PAY for business

This film explains how to use WebPay and Conferma powered Virtual Cards . It is a 1 minute watch.

Conferma’s web based adaptable Virtual Card generation portal

WebPay is Conferma's Virtual Card generation portal. Banks can either use WebPay 'off the shelf' or rebrand it with their own logo, colourway and language. This 40 second film explains how.

Conferma the ‘go to’ Virtual Card fintech company

Conferma is the only truly agnostic Virtual Card bank partner fully integrated into the major global GDSs. Our Virtual Card systems are either delivered directly through our turn key solution, WebPay, or via our payments API which can be seamlessly integrated into any proprietary network.

Why do a bank’s clients need Virtual Cards?

Conferma has identified a need within businesses for a reconcilable and accountable travel and expense payment solution. The bigger the company, the bigger the need. It is not viable for companies to issue company cards to every employee, nor is it viable to give out cash advances. Virtual Cards are a simple solution.