Defining Virtual Cards

A Virtual Card number is just like the 16-digit number you see stamped across a plastic credit or debit card. The big difference is it is generated electronically and normally used for one transaction only.


Because a Virtual Card number is used only once, you can introduce specific limitations which are missing from most new generation payments. You can set each virtual card so that it is only valid for a particular spend amount, spend type, date, destination, supplier, traveller, job titile, etc.

Rich data

Using a virtual card only once gives every purchase, its own unique identifier. This means customised data is tracked all the way though the lifecycle of a booking.

How it works

Let’s say a corporate traveller is staying in Frankfurt for business.

Their employer will have generated a Virtual Card in advance to cover their stay. 

During a booking, a 16-digit Virtual Card number is requested from the travellers company card provider.

The unique Virtual Card number is then returned to the travel management company for the transaction to be completed while enhanced travel data is captured up front by the payment system.

All of this is done in a matter of seconds with seamless reconciliation and the highest level of visibility.

The unique virtual card number is set so that:

— Restricted to a hotel merchant category code 
— It can only be used during a certain date range, 27.11 – 30.11.18
— It cannot exceed a certain maximum limit of £430
— It carries key travel data such as traveller name, department, cost centre, etc

The traveller finds the Virtual Card on their mobile phone via the Conferma Pay app and the hotel accepts it as payment just like any plastic card.