Virtual Payment for Card Issuers

Virtual payment optimises issuer revenue, reduces risk and simplifies reporting

The challenge is no longer about educating the corporate. Your clients are already looking for a technology solution to trim expenses and save resource costs. A demand you can deliver with Conferma Pay, whilst also benefitting from further insights into you customers’ businesses.

Optimise revenue, boost incremental spend

Capture more of your customers corporate spend. Virtual cards typically carry higher transaction values and can capture all types of business travel spend, incidental expenses, as well as B2B.

Reduce risk, improve control, compliance and security

Integrated authorisation workflows control how, where and who can make payments. Virtual cards carry a unique number with associated customised data, restrictions and specified spend.

Simplify reporting , automate and centralise reconciliation  

Offer a centrally settled payment trail in a single statement that matches rich purchase and payment data across the organisation. 

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This guide will explain how they work, the benefits to customers and issuers and point to their future potential.
It will also demonstrate how offering a virtual card service can be straightforward and easy to achieve. Get it here


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