Introduce a zero-admin world

Free your travellers from the expense report, remove manual reconciliation 

Imagine a world where you did not have to do any admin…

Your payments are seamlessly approved and happen automatically. A coffee is a device tap away. No receipts, no plastic or cash to hold or worry about, no expense reports to complete. A zen finance management team. Travellers are never…

•           Out of pocket for a business trip

•           Personally liable for the money spent on business trips

•           Carry cash or plastic with a large limit on trip

•           Overspend

•           Out of policy

•           Need to collect paper receipts

•           Waste time on long expense reports

•           Wait weeks to be reimbursed

It`s just easy...

Why are cash and plastic inconvenient

Last year Conferma Pay conducted a research piece that showed how UK and US employees are effectively bank rolling their companies by expensing around £310m and $1.6BN each month respectively. We also know that the total cost of managing expenses is over £2BN monthly ($33BN a year) for leading US businesses. This leads to obvious economic inefficiencies as well as personal headaches. Expenses are costly to manage and an acute administration pain for everyone involved.

A cashless world is better

Money is changing. While there is no doubt that in the next few decades we`ll still be exchanging pieces of paper, digital payments are becoming the norm, and “card only” signs are becoming more and more frequent. We know that Scandinavian countries, are already well along the road toward cashless societies and PayPal-like wallets created by Chinese online giants Alibaba and Tencent have become the most popular ways to pay for things.

How to introduce a zero-admin world

At the moment, mobile contactless technology offers the best way of doing that. The Conferma Pay app is the first mobile application able to add a virtual card into a mobile wallet pioneering the cashless use of Apple Pay and Google Pay for business purchases. This has allowed virtual cards to offer a true frictionless payment experience for travellers.

Your zero-admin plan

•           Get business trips spend approved upfront

•           Get a virtual card sent for each payment

•           Get a virtual card sent to a mobile wallet for payments on the go

•           Tap to pay

•           Snap a photo of the receipt and upload it to the app

That`s it. Be done. Nothing to do back at the office.