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Industry: Corporate Travel | Traveller Types: AMEX GBT | Spend Type: Hotel

Several of Amex GBT key clients were looking to enhance the percentage of invoices received for the hotel stays of their business travellers. It was also essential to include VAT and line item breakdown for full visibility of corporate spend. Without intervention, the volume of invoice documents received was not satisfactory. Where documents were received, there was no vetting process in place to ensure that the correct documentation was used for reconciliation and this made reporting highly labour intensive. 

By collaborating with Conferma, Amex GBT were able implement an end-to-end data enrichment and invoicing solution: Conferma snap+.

Conferma snap+ starts by collecting the hotel invoices for each transaction. Transaction data is reviewed to ensure the document detail matches to the transaction they belong to. Enriched data is then presented in detailed reports within Conferma snap.


Folio collection from hotels was an insufficient, manual process. Invoices would not be received for reservations, requiring manual intervention, meaning someone to reach out to the hotel to request documents, with no way to monitor the process or determine which documents had been received for which reservations.

Where the correct document was received, an Amex GBT operative would need to create an invoice against the document, adding in document detail and line items.

Further to this, line item breakdown would be added to transitions manually, representing a very cumbersome and expensive process.


With Conferma snap+ AMEX GBT was able to turn this cumbersome process around. If no invoice document is received from the supplier within three days of check out, the snap+ chasing process begins.

The combination of automatic chasing and data extraction optimises document collection with a success rate of over 97%. 

As members of the Conferma Connect network, over 100,000 hotels globally are able to actively update their communication preference ensuring Conferma always has the correct contact to collect invoices. This makes the Conferma snap+ service uniquely positioned to be highly effective at getting to the right data quickly. 

When the correct document has been received, an invoice including tax data and line items is created in Conferma snap.

All transactions where a document is received are reconciled, including line item breakdown, tax data, and any other data from the invoice document. All information is available on demand in Conferma snap, which enables AMEX GBT and their clients to access streamlined reporting containing the enriched data, used to support tax reclaim.

As soon as a document is matched to a deployment, snap+ would automatically populate the line item breakdown for each transaction. 

All deployments matched with an invoice document will be reconciled including the line item breakdown. All information is pushed into Conferma snap which enables AMEX GBT and their clients to access a streamlined report containing this information for tax reclaim. 

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