Virtual payment solutions for businesses

We’re revolutionising the way businesses handle their payments. Our plastic-free platforms remove the stresses of traditional payment methods, so your company can make transactions securely, effortlessly, and with total control over its financial operations.

  • Corporate travel management made simple

    Manage corporate travel spending more efficiently with Conferma. Our centralised payment software streamlines payment management into one stress-free journey, giving you total control of corporate travel spending. Experience enhanced security and control, access the banks and networks you trust, and get comprehensive insights into your travel spending.

  • Business payment solutions for companies of any scale

    Whether for a startup or a large enterprise, our payment solutions and seamless API integration offer a more efficient way to manage your business spending. Generate virtual credit cards in seconds, set spending limits for specific trips, and get comprehensive insights with a touch of a button.

  • Banking partner solutions to streamline business spending

    Access over 75 banking partners to maximise your payment solutions. Our vast network of partners offers heightened security, full automation, enticing cashback incentives, and centralised reporting.

  • Developers solutions that seamlessly integrate into your systems

    Seamlessly integrate our virtual payment solutions into your existing systems or create customised payment workflows to suit your business needs. Unlock the full potential of virtualised business payments and enhance your customers' payment experience.

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