Episode 3 – The Payments Insider Podcast

Conferma’s brand-new podcast, hosted by COO Dave Wood will explore the latest innovations in global payments technology, bringing together the major industry players from around the world.

Episode 3 – The Payments Insider Podcast

From banks and card providers to technology companies and global corporates, we speak to the leaders of the latest payments solutions to find out what is powering global growth today, and what the future will look like.

The podcast will explain and discuss major global payment trends and offer expert advice and practical examples to help any company exploring a new payments approach.

S1 Ep3 – Achieving frictionless global trade with Dr. Carl Jones, GBTA Advisory Board Member APAC

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In the latest episode of The Payments Insider Podcast, Conferma’s brand-new show, host Dave Wood is joined by Dr. Carl Jones, GBTA Advisory Board Member and ex-Managing Director of Southeast Asia at SAP Concur, to discuss how close we are to frictionless global trade.

How easy is it for businesses to trade across borders and what risks do they expose themselves to in the process? Carl and Dave explore the role that innovative payments solutions play in both reducing fraud and unlocking scalable growth.

Carl has a rich experience in the Asian territories, including his position at SAP Concur and his previous role as Vice President, Global Client Management and Business Consulting APAC for American Express Business Travel. In this episode he reveals some of the unique barriers to adoption of virtual payments technology he has seen in the region, as well as examples where innovative adoption has driven impressive results.

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