Episode 5 – The Payments Insider Podcast

In the fifth and final episode of Season 1 of The Payments Insider Podcast, Conferma’s brand-new show, host Dave Wood is joined by two esteemed guests from Mastercard, Lydie Charpin and Chiara Quaia.

Episode 5 – The Payments Insider Podcast

From banks and card providers to technology companies and global corporates, we speak to the leaders of the latest payments solutions to find out what is powering global growth today, and what the future will look like.

The podcast will explain and discuss major global payment trends and offer expert advice and practical examples to help any company exploring a new payments approach.

S1 Ep5 – The consumer approach to leisure and business travel payments with Mastercard’s Lydie Charpin and Chiara Quaia

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The travel payments landscape has shifted significantly in the last decade, with the leisure travel sector much more developed in terms of virtual payments adoption. As the business travel sector plays catch-up, a more consumer like model is becoming the norm, but with separate challenges to overcome.

From a technological perspective, these hurdles can be surmounted and transformation is underway to provide a belt and braces holistic solution.

Lydie and Chiara have a wealth of experience across travel payments. For their conversation with Dave, they share just how travel payments have evolved, and the role technologies and industry partnerships play in driving growth for the entire sector.

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