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We’ve partnered with Pliant

Pliant and Conferma have strategically partnered to expand the use of virtual cards for business travel payments, increasing access throughout Europe and enabling corporate customers to seamlessly connect and pay.

We’ve partnered with Pliant

The partnership will enable virtual cards, generated by Conferma, to be issued through Pliant’s app, increasing the access of virtual cards for travel management companies and online travel agents throughout Europe.

By targeting key partners in leisure and business travel, Pliant merges the security you’d expect from traditional banking partners with the advanced technology of a fintech. As a result, users are onboarded and approved at industry leading rates.  

An ambitious and innovative fintech founded in 2020, Pliant operate app and API-based solutions designed to give companies the ability to issue physical and virtual credit cards, track spending, and seamlessly integrate into their finance stack. With Pliant Earth, companies can easily support their internal sustainability initiatives through automatic CO2 emission tracking on travel related payments. Through this offering, Pliant empowers companies to reduce their climate impact by offsetting CO2 emissions with compensation.  

The partnership adds Pliant to our market leading global issuing network which provides online travel agents with an unparalleled choice of virtual card issuers. Within our global ecosystem, businesses have access to all major card networks, over 150 connected booking platforms, and over 80 card issuers.  

Sonya Geelon, Chief Commercial Officer at Conferma, comments, “We have a long history in the travel payments space, which makes us acutely aware that travel changes, and it’s the role of payments to keep up. Users demand flexibility and by partnering with innovative digital card issuers such as Pliant, we are able to offer unrivalled choice.

“Pliant is an incredibly exciting company, driving corporate card payments forward with innovative tech solutions that make payments simpler. This partnership builds on the existing investment into our platform that allows us to connect more businesses to enable commerce.” 

Malte Rau, CEO of Pliant, comments, “We’re so pleased to partner with a recognized leader in the travel payments space, which has been our focus, and a huge driver of our product innovation. Our partnership with Conferma gives companies in the travel industry even more flexibility and capabilities when it comes to making payments, and we can’t wait for customers to start experiencing these benefits.”