Women’s History Month – Employee Spotlight, Julia Hee

We're proud to shine a spotlight on the incredible achievements of some of the women within our organisation to gain an insight into their remarkable journeys and accomplishments. Next up we have Julia Hee, Strategic Account Director (APAC).

Women’s History Month – Employee Spotlight, Julia Hee

Conferma Location: Singapore, APAC

What is your professional background?

I first joined the payments scene back in 2010 and did my tour of duty with the top issuing institutions in the region back then starting off with Citibank, UOB & ending with Amex. I left in 2015 to pursue the path as a self-employed professional in financial advisory. The opportunity to re-enter the industry presented itself in 2023 & Ta dah! Here we are in 2024.

Why did you choose to work at Conferma?

The fact that Conferma is an international company with a significantly different working style and culture from one that I’m used to, I thoroughly enjoy getting to meet and work with colleagues coming from a background that’s different from mine.

What challenges have you faced within your career so far?

Working across different time zones and having to communicate with stakeholders who are based in different parts of the world can sometimes be a challenge but one that I’m up for. Having to manage different levels of expectations as well as navigate nuances within different communication styles due to cultural influences is often interesting to deal with.

How does Conferma develop your skills, and have you learned any new skills during your time here so far?

Conferma presents numerous opportunities for me to practice intercultural sensitivities and exercise my judgement skills with opportunities to push boundaries by challenging the norms. As a result of the constant learning and new information uptake across multiple areas, I’ve been forced to level up in the areas of multi-tasking & prioritising.

What do you hope to achieve at Conferma in the future?

To be an effective conduit to articulate and deliver on Conferma’s services & strengths and a bearer who amplifies collaboration, kindness and excellence.

What are your interests outside of work?

Being outdoors getting a good workout, spending time with the cats and enjoying good & cheap eats! (Though I’d really like to devote more time to picking up new languages).

What do you love most about Women’s History Month?

I didn’t even realise there was a whole month dedicated to women! So it’s a privilege to be asked to take in part and share my story with the other amazing women we have at Conferma.


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